Latest NABIDH Connected EMR

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) aims to provide the best possible healthcare services for its citizens and residents. The DHA created an online platform named NABIDH, which connects public and private healthcare facilities in Dubai to securely exchange trusted health information.

Through NABIDH, all healthcare providers in the region can exchange patient data without any physical records being transferred between facilities, saving time and reducing risks of clinical errors.

The ultimate goal is for all medical organizations in Dubai to be connected on one platform so patients can access their complete health information with ease from any location.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has launched this initiative to create unified medical records for public and private hospitals in the Emirate of Dubai and improve patient safety.

The Dubai Health Authority’s NABIDH initiative leverages the power of information technology to provide sustainable change. Patients will have better outcomes and doctors themselves experience an improvement in quality of life through increased efficiency and lower levels of stress with evidence-based treatment possible.

Being equipped with an EMR solution connected to NABIDH is just another quality indicator for top healthcare providers. Finding the best EMR providers that are compatible with NABIDH can be a daunting task. However, we’ll make the search easy for you by providing an overview of some of these top-rated companies.

The latest entrant in NABIDH connected list of EMRs

DOCMate is a hospital information system that helps healthcare centers from single-center specialty clinics to multi-center hospitals to increase revenue, optimize productivity, streamline operations and reduce inventory leakages. DOCMate is a clinic and hospital management software, empowering providers since 2008.

DOCMate is a hospital and clinic management software that aims to promote brand reputation by providing an ideal patient experience through streamlining operations, automating processes, and maximizing efficiency while promoting business growth.

DOCMate has features to run your Revenue Cycle, Patient Management, Billing, Claims Processing, EMR, Diagnostics, OP Consultation, IP-EMR, Inventory and manage complex integrations using API/HL7.

Besides this, the following are some of the specialty services they offer


  • Fast onboarding and connectivity to NABIDH
  • End to end Insurance management
  • Optional Microsoft Azure cloud hosting
  • Specialty EMR
  • Seamless end to end Integration
  • Ground support and sales
  • Improved productivity and financial outcomes
  • Insta is revolutionizing the way hospitals run by providing them with software that’s secure, compliant, and one of its kind, all while maintaining a 100% compliant hospital management software that is by guidelines issued under NABIDH.