Dental Treatment

DOCMate software also has a dental module for dental clinics, which helps the Doctor to update the patient’s dental treatment. Dental Module is equipped with Dental Treatment and Perio Chart. MedicoPlus reduces the effort and increases the efficiency in dental treatment. We have seen on a regular basis that many patients suffer due to lack of management facility. First of all, patients are not rescued at the time and after coming to a clinic some of the serious patients suffer a lot because of the non-efficiency of hospital management. So for overcoming this problem, we have made Dental management software that not only helps you manage your patients and increase your productive time but also satisfy your clients by giving them treatment at a correct time. Our team had worked with many of healthcare professionals and staff members to realize the problem they are facing in holding their patient and administrative tasks.

Key Features of Dental Treatment Software

Dental management software also provides a computerized stock of medicine available in store so, in case of shortage of any medicine, administration orders more stock and doctor also have the choice to prescribe patient medicine that is available in store. And also holds information of how much stock had been purchased and how much is out from stock that helps you in managing your account. Computerizing medical store not only help your patient but also end fear of loss slip. Dental clinic management software is a cloud-based software that is accessible from anywhere at any time. Any device like a tablet, PC, android, laptop that has an option for browsing data, can run this software and get useful information from software. It simplifies your complex work flow because of the straightforward interface and reduces the cost of running your healthcare.

Patient portal

Enables patients to update their contact info, provide details about their dental history, and send X-rays and other files from their home, thus saving practice time and enhancing efficiency.

Dental billing and insurance.

Practices can maximize revenue by using coding support which makes billing faster and simpler.


Find a solution that simplifies scheduling by coordinating patient, hygienist, and dentist schedules.

Dental imaging.

Imports X-rays and other digital images and presents them to the dentist. Top tools include advanced features such as identifying a region of interest and measuring a tooth.

Dentistry-specific templates.

Offers templates for all common procedures and you can quickly add a template for an emergency procedure. Commonly used templates include those for routine exams, fillings, tooth extraction, crowns, root canals, and others.

Graphical tooth charting.

A basic graphical image of each tooth and gum enabling dentists to easily spot gum problems, missing teeth, crowns, veneers, fillings, caries, and other issues. Changes made to text-based templates should show in the graphical tooth chart and vice versa.

Benefits of Dental Practice Management Software

The patient scheduling system will handle highly complicated procedures and situations such as managing hospital appointments. The patient scheduling system also enables quick implementation by small private clinics; friendly user interfaces allow doctors, staff and patients full access – from their computer, tablet or mobile – for maximum control of their schedule at minimum effort.

Makes Scheduling More Efficient.

Enables you to simplify scheduling by providing details about who is offering care, what treatments are scheduled for a specific time slot, patient status, and other info. Top systems use colour coding to show the appointment status of a patient and the kind of treatment scheduled.

Better Treatment Planning.

You don’t have to dig through paper files as the software helps you to easily find a patient’s treatment history and planned future treatments. You can effortlessly schedule, document, and communicate treatment for each patient. Another benefit is you can quickly calculate treatment costs and get an accurate figure on the insurance amount to be paid.

Improved Charting.

The software presents digital charts that are more defined and clearer compared to an X-ray or paper chart. Digital charts have numbers and colours and are more detailed. Plus, they don’t fade with time as is the case with X-rays and paper charts. With digital charts, you can easily and quickly answer patients questions about their issue and treatment.

Take Notes Easily.

You can easily create, locate, and track your clinical notes. The platform keeps all your notes organized, legible, and secure in a single location. Improved note taking covers you from any liabilities and enhances the quality of patient care. If you have a Mac, you can dictate notes orally while working on a patient.