Finance Accounting Management Software

Financial accounting management deals with cash / bank, receipt / payments, journal, voucher and general ledger etc. Financial Accountant Software also has the provision to generate reports like trial balance sheet and profit & loss account. This program is comprehensive solution to manage your accounting functions and it interlink various departments. We could also manage our inventory with this application. Insurance request processing is also automated with MedicoPlus.

Key Benefits for Hospitals / Clinic / Medical Center:

  • Accounts Heads Creation - Groups, Heads.
  • Ledger Entry
  • Voucher Entry.
  • Receipts Voucher.
  • Payment Voucher
  • Withdrawal Voucher
  • Journal Voucher

What is Medical Accounting Software ?

Healthcare and health care management services organizations have specialized needs when it comes to accounting. Not only do they need to keep, secure the accurate financial records, but they have compliance standards to maintain to be in keeping with the numerous laws regarding the safety, privacy and security of patient data.

Features of Accounting Software:

  • Medical materials management
  • Patient/insurance/CMS billing
  • Integration with electronic medical records
  • Integration with patient portals
  • Financial reporting