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eClaims Application integrated with Insurance Management Module, including Remittances and Resubmissions.

eClaims & ePrescription

eclaims DHPO eClaimLink is a project for providing the Dubai Health Authority with the information needed to organize, strategize, and optimize healthcare in Dubai. Dubai Health Post Office (DHPO) is the transfer hub for eClaimLink's electronic health claim transactions. Our system is designed to facilitate standardized communication between DHPO and the facility. Docmate enables users to check for and retrieve prior authorization transactions. Users can also upload, download, and search for transactions. This is accessible using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Docmate facilitates eClaim Submission, Re-submission and Remittance Management. Completely browser based EClaim Management Modules helps to generate the right Details for submitting eClaims through DHA and HAAD portals in Dubai-abduabi-uae. Docmate helps to get updated Drug list, Observation details, Denial Details and ePrescription.

Docmate generates submission files with internal validation rules based on the information given from DHA and HAAD. This feature enables you to submit the right files and not to get any rejections. User can get updated information from DHA and HAAD in our eClaim Module and eClaim Dashboards.